• Business Firms          Due: 3/27

    Business Firms Packets  (PDF)     

    Turn in Using Forms.


    Business Project     PDF

    If you wish to work in groups you may. Everyone needs to contribute. If you would like to meet with me, contact me and we can meet through teams (it's similar to a group facetime) in 365. 

    Mission Statement Due 3/30

    Company Information 3/31

    Products/ Services 4/1

    Financial Information 4/2

    Summarize Future Plans 4/3


    Spring Break!


    Business Project Cont.

    Share your answers with Mrs. Myers through email. 

    Questions 2-6             Due 4/17

    Questions 7-12           Due 4/24


    Ag/FFA Career           Due 5/8

    I have sent you an email. I am giving you 2 weeks because this may take you some time. 

    -Your assignment is to summarize your Ag/ FFA career. This is your story.

    -Include at least one picture. Your background and why you joined Ag. Favorite subject within Ag. SAE projects. What was your favorite memory (or memories, if you can not pick). How has your time in Ag/ FFA impacted you. 


    Update All SAE record books             Due 5/15

    This will be your last official update as a high school student. This is important for our data on hours worked and economic impact of our members. Please let me know of any questions you have as you work. This will be done through theaet.com.