Personal Finance PPT PDF

    Our next unit is personal fianance. Below is a Guide of when each piece will be due as well as links. Assignments should be turned in using the forms link provided. Every underlined word or abbreviation is a link to either the form or documents. All documents have the original version and PDF, if the original is not a PDF. 

    Wants vs. Needs    Due: 3/24

    Slides 1-14

    Complete the needs assessment activity (PDF) and put the answers for Questions 3-8 into forms


    Setting Money Goals       Due 4/1

    Slides 15-32

    Complete Questions 1-3 on slide 23 in forms.

    Submit one short terms and one long term money goal through forms.

    Submit your Cash Flow Journal Setup & Budget/ Spending plan through the respective forms upload. 


    Banking Practice        Due 4/3

    Slides 33-57

    Practice sheets.  PDF 

    *I will be doing a video "how to" for those that need a step by step. This will be through microsoft teams. I will email an invite to the class for anyone who wants to join and ask questions but will also record it so all students can view it later. 

    Forms Practice.


    Spring Break! April 6th-13th. 


    Personal Finance Project PPT PDF

    To complete personal Finance students will be completing a project where they will look at and use real world numbers to complete a budget. The powerpoint explains all components. I will be adding some video lectures to supplement. This will be done using Microsoft Teams. I will also remind everyone in my daily email when it is ready to be viewed. 


    Step 1         Due: 4/17

    For step one you will need to complete the following and submit using forms.

    • Find a job. (Print to PDF or screenshot and save to a document). I will be completing a video in teams on how to do this. 
    • Complete W-4 form. Do not fill in your social security number (I put n/a) in the boxes in the document. The PDF is editable. You will need to save this after you have filled it out. 
    • Calculate Gross Yearly Pay
    • Calculate Net Monthly Pay

    Step 2        Due: 4/22

    For this step two you will need to complete the following and submit using forms

    • Find an apartments
    • Explain why you chose that apartment
    • Furnish your apartment

    Step 3         Due: 4/28

    For step three you will complete a budget using real world numbers based on the apartment location you chose. This will likely require some research. I suggest using excel for this step. Once it is complete upload the file to forms

    Monkey Wrench          Due: 5/1

    A monkey wrench (PDF) is something that could change your plans, most likely your budget. This will be emailed and posted here the morning of 4/29. Please complete the questions using forms

    Credit Application, if need. PDF. Certain information is crossed off. Please leave it that way. NEVER share Social Security Numbers or Account Numbers unless it is through a secure source. And when you do share that information sparilingly. All the other information I have access to already (Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number, Email) and the other information you will be entering for this are not real but are based on the numbers that you have calculated thoughout this experience. 


    *Extra Learning Opportunity: OSU CFAES will be hosting Workshop Wednesday's with a focus on College Readiness. * 

    This is optional, not required. 


    Reflection Questions         Due 5/8

    These will be completed in forms by either uploading a document or answering each question in the box provided. Questions are located on the second to last slide of the powerpoint for the project. 


    Investing              Due 5/15

    Complete the lesson on investing basics (do not complete the project, #18). Complete the answers in forms.

    Extra opportunity. Build You Stax Game