• Assignment for March 23rd-April 14th: Of Mice and Men final project.

    All students are to complete three of the nine total projects listed in the final project PDF below. Students are to pick one assignment from each of the three rows. All students have conferenced and confirmed their projects with me, meaning if you wish to change yours, you must reach out to me ahead of time and have me confirm that choice. You may not change yours without my confirmation. I will send a weekly formative check-in to see your progress on your project(s) via Microsoft Forms. The check-ins are due each Friday by 3:00. In addition to answering all questions outlined on the form, you must send me a link and/or picture to your project(s). They will be due on April 14th. 

    Of Mice and Men PDF version:

    OMM Text

    Distance Learning Final Project Directions/Rubric:

    Co-Taught OMM Final Project

    Additional resources (only if you have selected these these projects):

    Play Template

    Story-Telling Arc

    Gingerbread Template

    *Directions for submitting OMM projects -- important!

    As you have with your forms, you are to email me a picture of your projects. You need to do so by 5:00 on Tuesday, April 14th. If any project is submitted later than this time, it will be counted late and points will be taken off. Please ensure that your email includes:

    • As clear of a picture as possible -- if I need to email you because I cannot read your project, it may be counted late
    • Pictures of all three projects
    • A subject line in your email -- "Your Last Name OMM Project"

    If you are able to scan pictures of your project rather than take it on your phone, please do so! You may need some help from someone at home, but it would make this process much easier.


    If you need a place to talk, ask questions, vent, or even just say hi, I encourage you to do so using this form:

    Online Dialogue Journal


    Poetry Unit:

    Weekly Assignments

    OPTIONAL Final Project Resources:

    After a lot of thought, I have decided to cancel your final project as a requirement. If you would like to submit it for extra credit, you may do so before May 20th at 6:00 P.M.