•  Assignment #1 - I suppose we should probably start out with looking at the current fun-happiness - the following wksht is intended primarily as an internet search, though some material we already learned in our virus unit so feel free to use any (trusted) source you can, including your brain.  For online material please use sources (like the Center for Disease Control (C.D.C)) that are trustworthy (i. e. not tweets, FaceBook, etc.):  For each answer please note the source -- give the website where relevant (it does not need to be in works cited format, just append the link), and yes, your memory is an acceptable source.  Please note, Google is a search engine, not a source.


    Turning the assignment in - Please send either the completed wksht or a link to said worksheet to eganz@jmk12.org - include the following in the subject bar Coronavirus wksht so I can easily sort out the 100 or so wkshts that will be turned in - if that isn't in the subject heading no guarantees your paper will be scored.


    Scoring the Assignment - I intend to count this as a summative assignment (to ensure everyone is motivated to put effort into it).  It will only be worth 5 pts, but who knows how many points we'll get in 4th grading period so you'd best complete it.   I am going to score the assignment a bit more strictly than normal (somewhere in between a 'normal' formative and summative) so you want to be as complete and correct as possible - every single answer doesn't have to be 100% correct, but you will get docked points if effort seems to be lacking.  I tested all the questions to make sure answers could be located online.  Be sure to answer all parts of the question and if I use a plural (i. e. 'list ways') make sure you have at least 2 answers.  Lastly, as always, be sure to put things in your own words.


    The Assignment - Here it is, hope it is educational AND fun...Click Here