• Week of 3/16


    1. Please work on your papers! Remember, final drafts should be placed in the drop box by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, 3/18.

    2. Complete this quiz through Microsoft Forms. Please feel free to consult an online style guide. I will provide a link below, too. This quiz is worth 10 points.

    APA Quiz

    Purdue OWL's APA page

    3. Below is a link to reassess the quiz. Open to anyone who wants to raise their score!

    Quiz reassessment

    Quiz reassessment 2


    1. Get to know our next assignment: a national or global proposal for change. Look through the rubric and the slideshow about the assignment. Check out the 4th quarter overivew to see due dates and point values.

    National or Global Proposal Rubric

    Intro slideshow

    4th quarter overview

    2. Review the chapter 13 in the Faigley textbook about writing a proposal. Don't have your book? No worries. We already wrote one type of proposal, and I will walk you through all the steps and expectations.

    3. Read the two sample students papers I uploaded to our COTC Moodle page. Reading these now will help you get a feel for the task ahead!

    4. Complete the formative check questions using the link below.

    3/17 formative check


    1. Let's talk topics. If you have your own idea, great! If you are struggling to get started, check out some suggestions at the link below. Also, read through the doc to consider how to narrow your topic. Although you may pick a topic of global importance, we will consider our audience to be national (Americans).

    Topics & Narrowing

    2. Once you have selected your topic, do some wide background reading. Don't take notes; don't worry about credible sources. This reading is about seeing the lay of the land to better understand how to proceed with your paper.

    3. Share your chosen topic with me using the link below. It's okay if you aren't ready to pick today, but please make this a priority!

    Topic sharing


    1. Today is about organization. We are using the same problem-solution organization we used in the local proposal, but we are going to break this down a little more. Complicated issues need more explanation and information. The next docs will take you through the organizational model we will use (The Declaration of Independence) and the informal outline you will create to plan your essay and research. Please follow the my example outline format. Please turn in your outline next week. On the syllabus I listed March 30 as the due date, but I think this was a mistake on my part because it doesn't give you enough time to respond to my feedback. You will be well into research by then! The earlier you submit your outline, the earlier we can catch an issue and make suggestions about main ideas and research topics. The outline is meant to be a plan for your work, not a record of your work (that's how we used the formal outline for the position paper last semester).

    Declaration Model

    Text of the Declaration of Independence

    Outline directions and example

    2. Complete the formative check of your understanding of the proposal's organization.

    Organizational check

    3. Continue working on wide reading to get a sense of your topic, how to narrow it, and what problems and solutions exist.


    1. Work on the outline.

    2. Continue wide reading to support the development of your outline.

    3. Jump ahead to Monday, 3/23. Next week will focus on researching and writing an annotated bibliography. Research can be time consuming, so it would be a good idea to look ahead if you can.