• PLEASE REGISTER FOR EDPUZZLE (see link for each class period)!

    Over the course of the time we will be using both in-class and remote learning (online instruction) there will be some different types of lessons used.  One of the types that will be used for social studies instruction is Edpuzzle.  Please follow the instructions below and complete signup/registration for your American History class period (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, or JLA period).  It is important that you register as there will be some assessments that will come from Edpuzzle links for the class.

    When making your username for Edpuzzle, please use your first initial and last name.  

    Example if I were setting up an account = 

    Name:  Shawn Neil

    Username:  sneil

    So if your name is John Doe, your username would be jdoe.

    *If it tells you that the username is taken, you may need to add a number or other character before or after your fist initial or name.  Example: 1974jdoe, jdoe#1, jdoe$, 

    You will have to come up with a password, so I am asking that you make it your birthday so that you can remember as I will not be able to access it.  

    Example for password:

    Birthday: December 1st, 1974

    Password: 12/1/1974


    Go to appropriate link based on your class period that your have American History and create a student account (no email address is needed):

    1st period American History class link:  8-1 American History / 1st Period / Mr. Neil

    3rd period American History class link:  8-3 American History / 3rd Period / Mr. Neil

    4th period American History class link:  8-4 American History / 4th Period / Mr. Neil

    5th period American History class link:  8-5 American History / 5th Period / Mr. Neil

    6th period American History class link:  8-6 American History / 6th Period / Mr. Neil

    8th period American History class link:  8-8 American History / 8th Period / Mr. Neil

    JLA period American History class link:  JLA American History / 7th Period / Mr. Neil