•  March 16-20:

    Shield Assignment Due Friday March 20. This is the last grade for the nine weeks. Take a picture of the shield and email it, along with the essay in a Word doc, to tortman@jmk12.org.

    Family Crest

    Reassessment for the Carolingian Empire.  For those of you who need to reassess, I will be emailing you a copy of the test and your answers.  For this reassessment only, you need to correct your test and explain why this is the correct answer.  You should also redo the short answers if needed. You may use your notes for this. This needs to be done by Monday, so that I have time to grade them.

    March 23-27: Due Friday March 27.  Complete this assignment in a Word doc and email it to tortman@jmk12.org.

    Raftt Assignment

    Raftt Rubric







    Week Three March 30-April 3: Due April 3: Complete this assigment in a Word doc.  PLEASE NOTE: you DO NOT need to do the chart on a posterboard! You may do it in a regular Word doc following the set-up in the attached chart.  You may also print out the chart, fill it out, and sent it back to me.  All docs should be emailed to tortman@jmk12.org.

    The Hero Versus Villain Project

    Hero vs Villain Project

    Hero Vs Villain Chart


    Weeks 4/17-4/24. Unit 7: The Later Carolingians, Vikings, Anglo-Saxon England, and Feudalism.

    Unit 7 Later Carolingians, Vikings, Anglo-Saxon England, and Feudalism notes

    Unit 7 Formative Review. This should be completed and shared with me by 4/22. You may do this through email.

    The test will be posted Wednesday 4/22 and will be due Friday 4/24.  So check back here between the 22-24 to take the test. 

    I would like to set up a time to do a Micrsoft Teams lesson after break, but I am still trying to figure out times.  Check back here on the 22nd.  As always, if you have any questions or need any help please reach out to me through email. Have a great spring break!

    later Caro Review 1

    later Caro rev p. 2

    If you need until Tuesday to complete the test that is fine.

    Later Carolingian, Vikings, A-S England, and Feudalism test


    Weeks 27-May 8 German and Italian States

    German and Italian States Notes

    German and Italian States Review Please plan on having this done by Friday May 1.  Send me a picture of your completed review through email.  I will then send a copy of the completed review sheet to you.  The test will be posted Monday May 4th (may the 4th be with you, lol). The test will need to be completed by Friday May 8th.  Send me your completed results. Remember, I am available during the day to answer any questions.  Just email me.

    German and Italian States Test


    Week of May 11-15 Medieval Feast: You are to choose a medieval recipe from the list provided or you may research and find one on your own.  Normally, you would prepare this and bring to class, but that can't happen now, so....you will analyze the recipe and compare it to something we would fix today.  For instance, the medieval version of pancakes, yes they had them, but the ingredients were different as was their way of cooking them.  They did not have maple syrup, they used other "sauces". You are to write a paragraph describing the similarities and differences between the ingredients, how the dish is prepared, and what you think the taste/texture would be like compared to today's version.  If you want to get adventurous, go ahead, make it, and share with your family.  Send me a picture if you do this! You will also need to include a paragraph on what medieval feast etiquette was like. Etiquette is behavior and table manners, etc.  Another paragraph needs to include the forms of entertainment that were provided at feasts and, finally, you need to explain when and why feasts were held.  The rubric for this is below. I have also included a list of recipes and the site where they can be found.

    This is due Friday May 15.

    feast recipes - http://godecookery.com/mtrans/mtrans.htm

    Feast Rubric