• Lesson for 3/23-27: Please submit your document to tortman@jmk12.org. This may be done as a Word doc or you may fill out the paper, take a picture of it, and email it back to me.

    Solving Problems


    Week Two: 3/30-4/3 Please use the above directions for submitting this week's assignment.

    Due 4/3

    Conducting Surveys


    Weeks 3-4: This assignment is to be worked on 4/14-4/24.  It is due Friday 4/24.

    Postbook News

     The above link is the layout and rubric.  This should be done in a Word doc and follow a similar format to the one in the link.  If you need more space or want to get creative, you may use more than one page.  The example in class for this is the fold out board done by D. O. at the front of my room. Obviously, yours will not be that large or fancy since you are doing this in a Word doc.  I mention his as an example of how you can alter the layout if your wish to get creative.

    Here is a breakdown of what you should include.

    1. Creat a title for your "newspaper". This will go at the top.  No exceptions for this part.

    2. Find a news story and summarize the information.  You can also write your own story based on information you have gathered about a current topic.  This should be a minimum of 8 sentences.  This is the main focus of this page.

    3. Have a "comments" section.  You should share your story with three people and have them give you their thoughts.  Record their comments and write them up.  You may use members of your own household, friends, you may even contact me and I will be happy to listen to your summary and give comments!

    4. Create a political cartoon (done by YOU) about the news story you summarized.

    5. Find a picture that goes with this story and add that.

    6. "Articles Inside the Paper"-this section is like a "table of contents" on what else might be found within your paper.  You may choose any five topics or news stories to use.  They can be about anything you would find in a newspaper.

    7. Give a brief (4 sentences) summary of one other news story.

    8. Provide 3 other photos of current news stories and captions that go with them.  It would make sense to use the items form number 6 above.

    Make sure you check your spelling and grammar. Have fun with this assignment! As always, if you need more clarification or guidance, just email me. I am also here for you to bounce ideas off of me.


    Weeks of May27-May 8

    In this unit, you will be creating your own Op-Ed piece.  An op-ed is an opinion on the editorial page.  You pick a topic and, essentially, give your opinion about it following specific guidelines.  The following links are provided to show you how to do this.  In addition, I will provid a link to the New York Times' Opinion page. Your op-ed piece will be due on May 8. I hope you are all doing well. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, email me.

    Once you pick your topic, you will do the following: Type  1-2 paragraphs about your topic.  This should be no less than 8 sentences. More is better.

    When writing an op-ed piece:

    You need to make a single point and do it well. 

    Put your main point at the beginning of the piece.  

    Tell readers why THEY should care about this topic.

    Offer specific recommendations

    Give specific examples tied to your topic-paint a picture of what you are trying to get across to the reader.

    Use YOUR personal voice.  This is YOUR opinion.

    Play up your connection to your audience.

    Avoid jargon and slang.

    Use ACTIVE voice-not passive voice

    Acknowledge the other side and explain why your point is right.

    Have a STRONG ending.

    Include a graphic of some sort.


    OP Ed Rubric


    Week of May 11-15 Tracking the News

    1. Everyone will use the coronavirus as the topic for this assignment as it has had a tremendous impact on all of our lives and is easy to track.

    2. Find three articles following the timeline of the coronavirus. You may choose as your starting point either: a. its origin in China or b. the beginning of shelter-in-place in Ohio. You will need to provide the link to each article and a summary of each article. 10 pts

    3. As this story is ongoing, how do you predict it will conclude?  Try to tie this to the articles you chose above if possible, so you should have three different outcomes here. What evidence do you offer to support this conclusion.  This should be fully developed. 15 pts.

    4. Grammar and spelling count 5 pts.

    Total 25 points.