• Week of 3/30: All work is due by Friday, April 3. I will begin grading on Saturday, April 4.

    Welcome to week 2 of quarter 4! This week we will begin planning your position for the position paper. The weeks after spring break, we will work on drafting and revising an effective position paper.


    1.Read through the slideshow below for an introduction to the assignment and this week's activities. This slideshow is saved on Teams as well.

    Writing a Position Paper

    2. This week we are going to try out using Teams on Office 365 instead of Yammer. Teams offers many tools for communication and work all in one place. Everything for this week is on the channel/section of our team page called "Hamilton Articles." The articles for this week are saved under "Files." I have created collaboration pages under "Notes" for posting article responses and sharing ideas. Read through the instructions below on how to access Teams. Go to Teams and look around to see what you can see.

    Microsoft Teams instructions

    While you are there, post to our chat in the channel/section called "Hamilton Articles" so I know you've found it all! I posted here, too, so you'll know you are in the right place. Let's try to keep everything for this week on the channel/section "Hamilton Articles." I plan to make a new channel for each week we are working online from here on out.

    This week, I have no plans for video chats. One step at a time.

    Tuesday - Friday

    1. Read 3 of the articles about Hamilton saved under "Files" on the "Hamilton Articles" channel of our class Teams page. Post a response to each of your 3 chosen articles on the appropriate page under "Notes." 3 articles = 3 responses X  10 points = 30 points!

    2. Participate in notes about traditional ideas on the appropriate pages under "Notes."

    3. Read your classmates' responses.