• Review Sheet - Chapter 10 Handwriting, Forgery, and Counerfeiting


    Summative Test will be April 2nd.  The test will be in Office 365 Quiz and you will be able to access the test from 10:00 a.m.-noon on April 2nd.  Please put this date and time on your schedule so you do not miss it.

    1.  Study all vocabulary from this chapter.

    2. How many major categories are there for handwriting characteristics?

    3.  What is the name of the man convicted of killing the Lindbergh baby?

    4. In what year did the US courts allow handwriting as a credible form of evidence?

    5. What is the name of the scientific tool used to interpret the personality of the writer?

    6.  Explain what is meant by "continuous" as a characteristic of handwriting.

    7. Review the handout given in class of the handwriting exemplars.

    8. Name the 3 basic steps of analyzing a handwriting sample.

    9. How does a biometric signature pad recognize a signature?

    10.  What is the name of the computerized handwriting database used by the Secret Service?

    11.  Give 3 examples of common forged documents.

    12.  What is the name of the master forger who the movie "Catch me if you Can" is based on and the documentaries you watched?

    13.  Name 3 common items that are counterfeited.

    14.  What type of change occurs when a counterfeit pen comes in contact with counterfeit money?  Why?

    15.  List 3 features of money bills that are used to distinguish genuine money from counterfeit money.