• Hello and welcome to the second week of online learning.  This week will be similar to last week.  There will be a link that says completion of physcial activity.  Please click on the link and fill out the information for credit in physical education.  A reminder you only have to fill out the form one time a week to recieve credit.  However, I would encourage you to stay active everyday.  I have other attachments available for game ideas as well as skills we have been working on in class.

    Click here for Completion of Physical Activity


     ideas for activities  

    In this link there are a number of activites and workout programs for you to choose from. 




    1. Jump Rope 
    2. Catching
    3. Basketball dribble 
    4. Basketball Pass 
    5. Movements such as skipping, galloping, hopping, sliding, running, and leaping.  ( Especially 1st grade) 
    6. Soccer kicking and dribbling 
    7. Overhand Throwing ( grades 2-5) 


    1. Ride a bike 
    2. Swing  
    3. Jump on trampoline 
    4. Jump rope  
    5. Play outside  
    6. Take a walk  

    Just remember you must be moving for an activity to be physical!!!!! 


    Also check out Go Noodle for dancing.  There are also a variety of dance workouts on You Tube.  Examples KIDZ BOP dance along, Zumba for kids, and Kids Workout.  These are great ideas if it is raining or you cant get outside. 

    Sit ups and push ups  

    Grades 2-5 jumping jacks