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Art of the Week 7: What roll do artists have?

Mark Titchner Please Believe

Art of the Week 7: Discussion

Art of the Week 6: Comic Art

Jen Bartel Comic Artist

Art of the Week 6: Discussion

Art of the Week 5: Digital Art by Caring Wong

Caring Wong Digital artwork Running in the Storm

Digital Art Discussion

  • Digitial art by Caring Wong

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    Artist Caring Wong, makes her art on her computer and then posts it on websites where she sells prints of her artwork. What do you think about art that is made only using a computer? Is it as valuable as art made with an artists hands, like a one-of-a-kind painting or clay sculpture. 


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Art of the Week 4: Recycled Art

Bristol Whales by Sue Lipscombe

Bristol Whales Discussion

  • Bristol Whales

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    Read the article below from BBC News and then comment, " How did the artist use recycled objects?"

    The artwork, named The Bristol Whales, has been installed in Millennium Square to mark the city's status as European Green Capital.

    It represents the threat of plastic pollution in the world's oceans, particularly plastic bags and food and drink packaging, organisers said.

    It will be on show until 1 September 2015.

    The six-ton sculpture depicts a blue whale and a humpback whale swimming through an ocean of "upcycled" bottles, collected from the Bath Half Marathon and Bristol 10k race.

    A Green Capital spokesman said the sculpture was "encouraging people to act now to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics and help protect our oceans for future generations".

    He said Britons spent over £1.5bn on bottled water every year and sent 15 million bottles to landfill every day, and globally eight million tonnes of plastic ended up in oceans each year - equivalent to the body weight of 45,000 blue whales.

    Sue Lipscombe, who designed and built the artwork, said: "Whales are intelligent, beautiful, charismatic animals - they've become symbols of the world's oceans.

    "They have a physical strength but they also represent resilience, the potential for recovery, provided we - as custodians of the oceans - take the right steps to protect them.

    "We're confident that this sculpture will fuel discussion and debate about plastics in the ocean."

    Bristol became the first UK city to be named European Green Capital when it took over from Copenhagen at the start of the year.

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Art of the Week 3: Nick Cave

Art of the Week Discussion Board: Week 2

  • Take a look at the portraits below by living artists, Niki Pilkington, Kehinde Wiley and Kris Lewis. Pick one of the artworks and in the discussion board write two sentences that complete the statement, I like this artwork because.... Make sure to use the artists name and the title of the artwork in your comment or we might not know what artwork you are referring to. 

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Art of the Week 2: Portraits

Art of the Week

Art of the Week: Week 2 - Add your comment here