• Circulatory System Review Sheet

    Please study your guided notes, coloring sheets, review sheet, lab activities, and textbook to prepare for the circulatory system test.

    1.  Blood on which side of the heart is blood oxgenated?  Explain

    2. What is the function of the cirulatory system?

    3. Does the pulmonary artery carry oxygen rich blood or oxygen poor blood?  Explain

    4. Describe the function of each of the following structures:  artery, vein, capillary, pulse, aorta, atrium, ventricle, pericardium, chordae tendinae

    5. Where are each of the following valves located in the heart:  tricuspid, mitral, pulmonary semilunar, and aortic semilunar?

    6. What causes the lub dup sound during a heart beat?

    7. What is a normal blood pressure reading? What is a normal number of heart beats per minute?

    8. What does LDL stand for and what is the function of LDL's?

    9. What does HDL stand for and what is the function of HDL's?

    10. Compare systolic and diastolic pressure.

    11. What is the common name of a myocardial infarction?

    12. What is atherosclerosis? What causes this condition?

    13. What is angina?

    14. Describe the procedure of angioplasty.

    15. How is cardiac output determined?

    16. How many millilters of blood are pumped through a person every minute?

    17. Compare pulmonary congestion with peripherial congestion.

    18. Study a diagram of the human heart. Study the structures and the functions or purpose of each of those structures.

    19.  What are the major sources of cholesterol in the body?

    20. Trace a drop of blood through the heart and the body.

    21. Name the risk factors for developing heart disease.