• Ok, so I FINALLY finished the 2nd read on the bacteria labs and put the scores in for 3rd GP (sorry, I kept getting sidetracked into more immediate things).  If there is not a score in that means I didn't get a paper with your name on it -- I have one paper (temperature affecting bacterial growth from door handle) with no names, if it is yours I need to know who y'all are.  Otherwise blanks will become zero's if I truly never received a paper from you.
    Reassessment:  Most paper scores were good, however, if you do want/need to reassess them you may do so -- if your score was really low you just need to re-do everything -- if you were closer (passing) and need to see what to improve send me an e-mail address and the next time I'm at school I can scan in the graded paper so you can see comments.  3rd term grades are 'finalized' by April 17th, I would like all re-assessment material (papers and/or test corrections) by the 15th so I can get them in at that time.  If that is not feasible please note that 3rd term grades will be re-calculated at the end of the school year to take into account 3rd term work done after the 17th.
    As we are not coming back for all of April we need to be done with the transcription-translation-virus material.  As online re-assessment would be a challenge I am just asking that any students eligible for re-assessment (having completed all the homework prior to that test) demonstrate to me that they have corrected their original test with explanations of what confused them, or what made the right answer correct for each question they missed (i. e. not just 'I got confused').  This is usually part of the ticket to re-assess anyway, so many students will have already completed it and so just need to show me -- probably the easiest thing will be for them to photograph (or scan) their test corrections and email it to me with the subject Test Corrections.
    Sorry for the long delay on this, but I was really hoping to be able to pick up where we left off.