• Welcome to the third week of online learning.  I hope all of you are setting time aside each day to do something active.  As the weather begins to get nice outside this is a great opportunity for you to play outside.  We will continue with the same set up as weeks 1 and 2.  Reminder that you only have to click the link one time and fill it out for completion of physical education.  However, I encourage you to be active everyday.  Please enjoy your spring break and when we return from break on April 14 then you can begin to complete the link.


    Completion of physical education

       At home activities

    1. Take a walk with family of the dog.

    2.  Ride bike 

    3. Swing

    4. Jump on trampoline

    5. Jump rope

    6. Dribble, pass, shoot a basketball

    7. Throw and catch a ball


    On rainy days or when you can't get outside look into youtube fitness for kids and go noodle.  


    Happy Spring Break!!! Don't Stop Moving