• Hello all, hope you had a good 'break'.

    First item of business - I have posted the scores for the 'Coronavirus wksht' - if you got 5 pts yay-you, a 4.5 indicates you were missing most citations or didn't answer all questions, a 4 means you were missing more questions and/or citations, etc.  I was pretty happy with the effort level I got on this overall, so thank you. There are some who see a blank for the grade, this either means I didn't get a paper from you (or didn't recognise the e-mail) or was unable to open it (apple products in particular need to be saved into a different format - like .doc - before I can open them).  Please do get those in as soon as possible - I'll post the key once I have gotten the rest of the papers in.

    Now for the next assignments:  As I'm not seeing you anytime soon we need to wrap up the genetics unit.  The first worksheet here you should be able to do with your notes, though you can certainly find information on-line as well.  Please note I will be scoring this like a quiz as we already got this information in class (though it has been a while) so make sure you are correct and complete. It will be worth 10 pts.

    The second worksheet here is about genetic engineering -finishing up some of the genetics information we didn't get to.  I will score it more like the 'coronavirus wksht' - so do your best, but a few minor mistakes won't hurt your score.  Once again for online material please use sources that are trustworthy (i. e. not tweets, FaceBook, etc.):  For each answer please note the source -- give the website where relevant (it does not need to be in works cited format, just append the link).  Please note, Google is a search engine, not a source. This one will be worth 5 pts.

    Please email both assignments to me with the subject 'Genetics' at eganz@jmk12.org.  I am trying to swing back into the 'new assignment every Fri' convention -- f.y.i. the next one will be a book wksht on Evolution.  I don't have a huge problem if you need a couple extra days to get the internet search done --> figure you have 17 days to do 3 assignments (these 2 and the book wksht).

    A reminder:  Any re-assessment work from 3rd term needs to be in Wednesday April 15th if I am to get it posted for 3rd report card (I will score reassessments Thurs.) any that come in after that will still affect 3rd term grades but won't show up until the final report card.