• Hey guys welcome to week 4 of online learning.  I am missing you guys like crazy over here.  Hope you all are taking time out of each day to do something physically active.  I am checking the link daily.  I love reading all the different activities you all are doing.  Thanks for doing your part to stay active.  As we continute with week 4 the completion form will be the same.  I will continute to post the skills and ideas for things to do to stay active.  


     Click this link to fill out information for physical education completetion 

    P.E. Completion Forum

    At home activities

    1.  Go Noodle

    2.  You Tube dance videos  ( kidz pop dance along, kids zumba)

    3. Ride bike 

    4. Walk dog or just take a walk

    5.  Jump on trampoline

    6.  Swing on swings

    7.  jump rope

    8.  Make a hopscoth course with sidewalk chalk

    9.  Hula Hoop

    10.  Hiking


    Skills to continue working on 

    1.  Basketball dribble 

    2.  Soccer dribbling and kicking 

    3.  Overhand throw and catching

    4.  Movements ( skipping, hoping, galloping, leaping, sliding, running)

    5.  Jumping rope


    Click the link to take you to sportsengine.  When you are on this website click on the sports tab.  From there you can pick a sport you want to practice.  There are different videos with activities to help you work on the skills for that sport.



    Have a great week.  Keep moving!!!!!  MISS YOU.