• Weeks of 4/20


    1. Please use your time today to finish up revisions and submit your national/global proposal to the Turnitin drop box on our COTC Moodle page. Please alert me ASAP if you have any difficulties submitting to the drop box or encounter any obstacles outside of your control as you finish up this paper.

    Please remember that you can submit your paper 3 times to the Turnitin drop box simply by placing a new version into the drop box. Turnitin is a tool that can help YOU check that you have properly paraphrased source materials. The drop box will reject your 4th submission and force you to wait 24 hours before submitting again. The drop box is set up for a due date time of 4:00 pm today.

    2. Please see me from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in Office Hours through Teams. I will also answer emailed questions during this time.

    Tuesday -- Friday

    1. The last assignment for the semester is normally a class presentation based upon your national/global proposal. We are going to adjust this assignment to meet our current circumstances. Since none of us signed up for an online class, I don't think it is appropriate to place the burden of recording and sharing a speech with our own (perhaps limited!) technology. I am going to break the assignment into some pieces that require you to create your own materials and some components that ask you to reflect on the qualities of an effective presentation.  The first component is an APA-formatted Powerpoint presentation to accompany a speech that you will never actually deliver. We will work on the other components next week.

    Powerpoint slideshow: share with me by Monday, 4/27 by 12:00 p.m. (noon).

    a. Watch this video on creating an effective visual aid. Since we are not actually presenting, you will not need to practice, but there is a lot of good advice here about making an appealing, effective visual aid.

    Creating a Visual Aid by the Communication Dept at UMW

    b. Read through the rubric I will use to assess your visual aid. Use the rubric to help you make decisions about the images you choose, the number of slides you present, and the way you use slides to help support the audience's understanding.

    Visual aid rubric

    c. Watch this video on using APA-style citations in your Powerpoint presentation.

    APA Powerpoints

    d. Create a Powerpoint slide show that you could use to accompany a presentation on the topic of your national/global proposal. You may need to find addtional images for aesthetics, but the research should already be complete! Draw directly from your proposal to create the content of your slides.