• Week of 4/20

    Office hours on Wednesday, 4/22 at 10:00 am and Friday, 4/24 at 2:00 pm.

    Don't forget to check email on a regular basis!


    1. Sign up for a conference with me to discuss your outline. Conferences will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please find the sign-up document and further instructions in your email.

    2. Complete the lesson over drafting your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

    Drafting your position paper

    3. Work on reassessment work for the week of 3/23 by returning to Yammer and completing any posts you may have missed. I noted what type of post was missing for each day's work in the comments on Progressbook.


    1. Review the guidelines for quotation introduction and integration.

    Integrating quoted and paraphrased text

    2. Use the guide to create your works cited page and review the format for in-text citations. This document shows you how to cite the songs and the articles from the historians. I also left examples for a book and a website in case anyone needs these examples. Feel free to copy the my examples and just make changes to reflect your chosen songs and articles!

    Works cited page and citations guide

    This is an image of the CD so you can see the track numbers. Act I is disc one; Act II is disc two.

    Hamilton tracks

    3. Meet with me for your conference if you signed up for today.


    1. Review the expectations for writing for an academic, formal audience and for formatting a document in MLA style.

    MLA style and academic writing conventions

    2. Meet with me for your conference if you signed up for today.

    3. Begin drafting your position paper.

    Thursday -- Friday

    1. Work on drafting your position paper. Have a completed draft ready for peer review and teacher conferences on Wednesday, April 29. Monday and Tuesday will additional drafting days.