• Ok, getting into Evolution which will be our last unit (probably obviously).  It is also the most important topic in Biology as it explains so many things - from why aligators have their specific features, to why organisms in an ecosystem interact the way they do, to why bacteria develop antibiotic resistance.  Starting you off with a book wksht for chapter 15 Here.  If you didn't take your books home you can find the answers on-line (and the last question everyone will need to find online).

    In case you're curious, the key for the coranovirus wksheet is Here.

    Please note, this term will count the same for your final grade as 3rd term -- so as I think everyone should be able to get at least a 'B' as there aren't proper tests this term, even students who failed last grading period should be able to pass for the Semester (40% plus 80% would give 60% for Semester - think of it as a loving gift from yer uncle coronavirus).