• Week of 4/27

    I did not schedule office hours this week because we will be meeting for individual conferences. Please email with questions or concerns or let me know if you need to video chat outside of the conferences. Thanks!

    Don't forget to check email on a regular basis!

    Monday + Tuesday

    1. Work on drafting. Please share your rough draft with me by midnight on Tuesday. Submitting a rough draft earns you 10 points.

    2. Sign up for a one-on-one conference. Conferences will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please find the sign-up document and further instructions in your email. Participating in a conference earns you 10 points.


    Initially, I planned to hold conferences only on Thursday and Friday, but I ended up including some options on Wednesday, too. For most, today will be a down day to double check past assignments and lessons. I plan to use my time today to prepare for conferences.

    1. If you didn't include a works cited page in your rough draft, now is a great time to create one and add in-text citations to your essay. These are the same resources from last week.

    Integrating quoted and paraphrased text

    Works cited page and citations guide

    This is an image of the CD so you can see the track numbers. Act I is disc one; Act II is disc two.

    Hamilton tracks

    3. Take care of any reassessment or make up work from previous weeks. I emailed each of you feedback to help you reassess the 3 article posts you shared on our Teams page. If you haven't shared an outline or met for an outline conference, you can still do this! Full credit!

    Thursday + Friday

    1. Meet with me for your conference.

    2. Begin working on revisions and additions to your draft. Have an updated draft ready to share with a peer on Monday, 5/4. We will complete peer editing activities on Monday. FYI: peer editing activities will be assessed.

    3. Use the rubric and the checklist below to help you make sure you are meeting assignment expectations.

    MLA style and academic writing conventions

    Honors Position Paper Rubric