• Hey guys welcome to week 5 of online learning.  We are going to continue the same format as the weeks in the past.  Please click on the link to recieve credit for the week.  You only have to record once a week.  It is important to stay active everyday.  I love reading about all the things you guys are doing.  As the weather starts to get nice take some time out of your day to go outside and be active.  I miss you guys.  Have a great week and keep moving.


    Completion of Physical activity


    I have seen a few kids making course on the driveway or sidwalk with chalk.  This is a great and unique idea to make fitness fun.

    Remember to keep working on your sit ups and push ups, jumping jacks, and jump rope.

    Some skills that are great are dribbling, throwing, and catching.  Remember to step with the opposite foot of your throwing arm!!!!!!!!!!!

    Walks, hiking, riding bikes, and jumping on trampoline are great things to do with the family.


    Everyone is doing a great job adjusting to the online set up.  Keep up the good work.  Miss seeing all your smiling, energetic, and loving faces.