• 7.4 does not have an associated calculator function, so you'll be using the formulas on Page 388. Notice that the only difference between them is the need for a square root when finding standard deviation. 
    • Page 785 is the Chi-Square Distribution Table. Remember that Degrees of Freedom is n-1, or the sample size minus one. Also, remember that alpha is found by: (1 - confidence level) / 2.   You need 2 values from this Table (as shown in the video).
  • 7.4 Video

    This is a different man than you've seen in other videos. This is lengthy, at 32 minutes, but it reviews well and walks you through what you'll need. 

  • 7.4 Homework Day 1--Scan/Photograph and submit via email. Page 390: 4,6,8,10,12. Notice that you'll need to find s for 10 and 12 before you use the formula. Yes, 1-Var Stats.


    7.4 Homework Day 2 Practice

  •  The Chi-Square Distribution