• Week of 5/4

    This week we will finish up our position papers. Everyone will be working at their own pace, but I have created a daily schedule for guidance and to organize the items I want to share with you.

    I will share through email another Word doc sign up sheet for conferences. You can sign up for conference(s) for the following reasons:

    1. to complete a missed outline conference (10 points)

    2. to complete a missed rough draft conference (10 points)

    3. to ask questions or to ask for feedback on revisions (optional)

    Monday + Tuesday

    1. Work on revising your rough draft based on the feedback from our one-on-one conference. Use the rubric below to assess your progress. Please try to leave the rubric I pasted into your document so I can use it for grading your final draft.

     Position paper rubric

    2. Create a works cited page and create/check your in-text citations. Use the guide below to set up your works cited page entries and to review formatting of in-text citations. Want more help? Make your works cited page with me during a one-on-one conference. Sign up on the shared doc.

     Works cited page and citations guide

    3. When your paper is as polished as you can make it on your own, contact a classmate to swap papers for peer editing. Below is a guide to help you review your peer's paper. Please put all comments in as comments in the right margin app; don't type directly into the document as I have in our conferences. Please leave all your peer's comments. When I grade your paper, I will open up these comments to see that you had a peer read your paper.

    Peer review guide

    Wednesday + Thursday

    1. Finalize your draft using your peer's feedback. Follow up on additional questions and concerns by signing up for a conference or going back through the previous week's materials.

    2. Submit your paper by sharing it with me. I will not grade your paper until you share it with me. I know I probably already have access (if you continued to work in the same doc as your rough draft), but I will wait for a new email/sharing as your message that you are done editing and ready for assessment.


    1. Continue working if you need this additional time. Take a deep breath and relax if you don't! You just finished your last Honors English 12 paper!