• Week of 5/4

    This week we will finish up our work with Hamilton: An American Musical. We will be working every day with the article you chose last week. These articles are examples of scholars' and historians' positions on the musical. The authors offer their expert insights into whether Hamilton is a revolutionary text that challenges traditional ideas or whether it is a text that reinforces traditional ideas and tells the same stories we have heard many times.

    Each day, you will complete an activity with the article. Please complete all 5 activities in a single Word doc on Office 365 and then share that doc with me on Friday. The link below will take you to a Word doc with all of the week's activities. If you would like, you can open the Word doc below, save it to your OneDrive, and complete the work there like you would on a worksheet.

    Position Paper Activities WORD

    Position Paper Activities PDF

    Want help? Visit with me during Office Hours through Teams. During Office Hours, you are welcome to stop in and ask questions about that day's or another day's activities. You can also hang out and work through the days' assignment with me. The schedule is below, but you should also receive an email invitation to each meeting.

    Monday, 1:00-3:00 (make a works cited page)

    Tuesday, 9:00-11:00 (share your annotations)

    Wednesday, 1:00-3:00 (organization + main ideas)

    Thursday, 9:00-11:00 (addressing the opposition)

    Friday, 1:00-3:00 (responding the the article)


    Create a works cited page and a parenthetical for your chosen article (10 points). Use the guide to creating a works cited page below. I will use the checklist in the guide to grade your works cited page and parenthetical citation. MLA FORMATTING MATTERS HERE! Please note: I will ask you to use parenthetical citations throughout the week.

    Works cited page guide


    Share your annotations and engaged reading by recording them in your Word doc (10 points). Please complete each item; it is no problem for you to go back and do this now if you did not annotate during your reading last week. Use the posted annotations guide to find explanations for annotation activities. Don’t worry about MLA formatting and such here. You can just list these items out, but do include parenthetical citations so I can connect your work to the article.

    2 words, terms, or references that you looked up or defined. Please note the words/terms and their definitions/information.     

    1 processing question you asked about the text as you were reading it

    1 evaluation or comment you made about the text as you were reading it

    1 key quotation you highlighted or noted.

     Annotations guide


    Consider the article’s organization (10 points). Record each of the following in your Word doc. Each element is work 2 points.

    1. The article’s thesis statement. Use a direct quotation with a parenthetical citation.
    2. Three main points the author makes to develop this thesis. There may be more than 3 points; you just need to include 3. You can copy claims as quotations or you can paraphrase them. Include parenthetical citations.
    3. A bigger idea or comment with which the author concludes the article. Use a direct quotation with a parenthetical citation.


    Read through the slides on addressing the opposition to review the idea of addressing the opposition.

    Addressing the Opposition

    Find a place in the article where your author addresses his or her opposition. Answer the following questions in your Word doc using this example from your chosen article. (10 points)

    1. What is the point the opposition would make? Please paraphrase this, but also include a parenthetical citation. (4)
    2. How does the author counter the opposition? Please paraphrase this. (4)
    3. According to the author, why is his or her position superior? (2)


    (Don't forget to share your Word doc when finish this last activity!)

    Choose ONE of the following open-response activities to complete. (10 points) Your final product should be 3/4 to 1 page double spaced in Times New Roman 12 (or a comparable font) or about 250 words.

    No matter what prompt you select, please turn in a thoughtful, fair, well-supported, and well-explained statement.

    About the article:

    1. Select a direct quotation from the article and respond to the quotation. You can write about why you agree with the quotation, disagree with the quotation, or what additional thoughts the quotation inspired in you. Include a parenthetical citation!
    2. Connect the article to a song of your choice from the musical. Explain how the article has impacted your understanding of the song and its main ideas.
    3. What would you say in response to this author? Respond to the author’s main points and stance.

    About the musical:

    1. One of the key themes of the musical is about the power of the victors or the survivors to tell the story and to influence history. What do you think about how Lin-Manuel Miranda has chosen to tell Alexander Hamilton’s story and/or the story of the beginning of our nation?
    2. Would you recommend the musical to other people? Why or why not? To whom? What is enjoyable or worthy (or unenjoyable or unworthy) about the musical? Make sure you offer clear, supported statements not vague claims or a rant!