• So I have entered the 2 Genetics grades in Progress Book - if you don't see scores (and turned them in) please post me, they maybe got lost in the e-mail machinereee -- if you haven't turned them in...well get on that! (pleeeze).  I should have the Zol Island scores in by Sunday Morning -- so if you don't see those then, again, please post me at (eganz@jmk12.org). 

    If you are wondering where you lost points on the 2 assignments:  The Quiz I graded, well, like a quiz.  So points were lost for errors in the Punnet Square (1 square 16 boxes), the Pedigree analysis, and incomplete answers to the questions.  I was more lenient with the Library Search - a point lost there was most likely due to your neglecting to give the source where you got your answers from.   I'm afraid I can't yet post keys to those assignments as I still have students working on them - but I will certainly post them at the end of the term as I'd HATE to have you go into summer break losing sleep over the answer to a Biology question.

    On to next week - for your next assignment you are watching 2 short videos on evolution and answering questions on the attached wksht.  I know some of you (like me) don't have a printer at home - feel free to just write down the questions, answer them, and scan or photo the paper and e-mail it to me.  To watch the video you can click the link and watch in a normal window (or whatever Apple products have).  Alternately, you have the option of downloading the videos - which you can save as a wmv to a USB flash drive which will play in many modern TV's.  I don't really care the mechanism, as long as you get the assignment done and I can see that (heck snail-mail it to me if you want). Oh, and it's worth 5 pts.

    Anyway the video for the front of the wksht is Finch Beaks, the video for the back is Ebola, and the wksht is Here.

    Just one more assignment to go - woo, hoo.