• Finally worked through the Zol activity, which will be what next weeks assignment is about, and put the scores in. 

    First off my apologies - a number of you sent me questions that I didn't see until now:  I set my e-mail to auto-sort out any incoming mail with certain key-words -- turns out this is a bad idea as questions on the material got sorted into that folder as well.  So if you sent an e-mail and didn't get a reply my humblest apologies (I turned off the auto-sort function on all assignments now so it shouldn't happen again...I hope).

    Secondly the scores -  thank you, most of you worked through a fairly confusing activity pretty well and got 10/10.  If you got an 8/10 that is just because you didn't graph your populations...feel free to do so and send that to me.  There are also some of you who got no score -- that is because I had five papers that somehow had identical graphs and nearly identical answers.  To get these identical graphs you would have had to roll about 100 times exactly the same, which I felt was unlikely.  As some of those people had e-mailed me which (for the reasons above) I never responded to, I decided it would be most fair in this instance to leave the grades blank rather than applying zeros.

    I have appended a compilation of many/most of the graphs people turned in.  Now we had a lot more successful colonizations than would normally happen (about 30%ish while it should be about 10%ish) -- I think this is for 3 reasons; some thought matching 2 features meant they had 4 offspring, some forgot to kill the original 'parent' after reproduction, and some of you though you were supposed to have a successful colonization and kept trying until you got it.  Actually they will usually all die out after a few generations which is totally fine (and less work for you).  If you don't see yours in the compilation it is because something indicated you had an error (like the population shot up above 10 in the 2nd generation - which should be impossible)...or I just missed it in the chaos.  Anyways good job, and thank you for working through it - we will analyze the group graph for next weeks assignment. 

    Sorry the image got a little pixilated when uploaded - the file size must be limited.

                                                                Student Zol Population Sims