• Ok, wrapping things up.  It was lovely having y'all in class and I'd be de-lighted if you stop by (between classes) to say 'how-do' next year...we didn't get the 4th term opportunity to get TOTALLY sick of each other, so you still have that a bit of 'first blush' in my memory.

    However, there are still some things to accomplish this year:  First off, I will be puting grades for wkshts 15 and 16-17 in Progress Book this weekend -- I will also be putting in zeros for work up to that point not completed.  Some of you have technological or other reasons for exemptions from some assignments -- don't freak out if you know you're in this group (probably because someone IN CHARGE at the high school told you) -- you will be taken care of.  The rest of you can still get ANY work turned in through May 17th, we've been instructed to take late work (though if you turn 5 things in the 17th I may be grumpy in my grading...).  And I will be adding keys at the end for all worksheets.

    You have one final assignment for me that will be worth 5 pts -- an analysis of the ZOL Island activity.  If you never exactly did the activity you should still be able to answer the questions based on the idea of a real population of animals dropped on a (relatively) deserted island and looking at the key.  Usually there would be a lot more questions asked verbally in class, but this should handle the essentials. The original Question Sheet Key is here (answers are in Red, new questions in Blue) -- just the new questions are on the sheet here (this is the best one to turn in to me).  If you want to review the full population chart for all classes it is here.  There aren't many questions so I will be expecting COMPLETE AND THOUGHTFULL answers for full marks.  That is all.