• Hello all,
    I have put grades in Progress Book up until the last 2 assignments (which I still have a lot of students turning in) -- including adding zero's for missing assignments. 
    If there is a grade missing that you know was sent to me, Don't Panic!  - please e-mail me -- each assignment gets turned in over about a 3 week window it seems, and so some could slip through the cracks. 
    If there is an assignment you know wasn't completed and turned in, still Don't Panic! it can be done and turned in for full marks -- all the assignments are still posted below on my website.
    With any late work please put the assignment title and your name prominently so I can easily figure out where it goes.
     As always please send any questions to me at eganz@jmk12.org.
                                                                                                             -Erik Ganz