• Summer Activities

    Even though school is over for the 19-20 school year, learning is not!

    It is so important that your student continue to practice the skills they learned in Kindergarten,

    so that they are fresh and sharp for First Grade.

    There are suggested learning activities below. I encourage you to explore as many of these

    as you can throughout the summer.I also encourage you to integrate these into fun activities and everyday routines,

    so that it doesn't seem like school work.




    Visit the Johnstown Library Mary E. Babcock Library

    • I'm not sure what their hours will be over the summer, so please refer to their website for the most current information.
    • This page has some great learning resources and updated information on the Library Library Info

    Sight Words

    • If your student has not yet mastered all of their Kindergarten Sight Words, please use this list to work on words that they still need to master.
    • If your student has already mastered their Kindergarten Sight Words, I encourage you to start previewing the First Grade Sight Words. It is by no means an expectation that they know these going into the year. However, any work they have with them before the year starts, will certainly be helpful.






    This is the most important thing you can do for your student.

    Lead by example and show them that reading can be enjoyable and that reading can take you anywhere!

    Encourage them to read and take any opportunity to read aloud to them.

    Make this the summer that your student discovers their favorite thing to read about. Peak their interests and it will open up a whole new world for reading!




    • Continue counting to 100, if your student hasn't mastered this yet
    • Count beyond 100
    • Count by 10's
    • Count by 2's
    • Count by 5's

    Math Facts

    • Continue math facts fluency for adding and subtracting within 5
    • Start fluency flashcards for adding and subtracting within 10, if they've already mastered within 5




    Encourage your child to write as often as they can

    • practice their name
    • write a letter to someone
    • label things around the home
    • practice writing with chalk outside
    • trace words in sand, shaving cream, sprinkles, rice
    • write the dinner menu for the week
    • write their agenda for the day
    • write a to-do list


    Most of all, I want your student to have fun and stay ACTIVE this summer!

    Encourage them to get outside, use their imagination, explore and be a kid.


    Free Family Activities

    • Visit a new park once they reopen- Find a Park
    • Metro Parks are still open, they are great to explore- Metro Parks
    • Play in the sprinkler
    • Go for a bike ride
    • Learn a new sport at home and practice as a family- soccer, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, golf 
    • Go on a scavenger hunt
    • Build a fort inside or outside
    • Design an obstacle course with things you already own- use chalk, bikes, sprinklers, hula hoops, jump ropes, anything!
    • Camp out in the backyard
    • Make a meal together and then go on a picnic (even if it is just right outside your home)
    • Explore the night sky
    • Take a pet for a walk
    • Put on a play at home
    • Encourage your child to play imaginative games, such as restaurant, spa, teacher, doctor, astronaut, chef, race car driver, vet
    • Go for a hike
    • Go on a photography adventure, let your student be the photographer
    • Create a family art mural to hang in your home, on the fridge or to send to someone
    • Go on a Reading Adventure
      • Put together a bag of books
      • Find places around town to sit and read for 15 minutes at each spot
      • Examples of places
        • park benches
        • the parking lot of one of your favorite places
        • at a restaurant (if they are open)
        • backyard
        • the woods
        • a sidewalk
        • beach
        • ANYWHERE :D