Johnnie Learning Academy's Remote Learning

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    The Johnnies are hard at work creating the Learning Academy for our students. We thank the community for all their support, feedback, and patience as we learn to live with the Covid-19 virus. 

    Johnstown High School - Johnnie Learning Academy - Remote Learning


    Every effort at the high school level will be made to utilize JHS teachers to provide online instruction to our Johnnie Learning Academy students that mirrors the pace, content, and assessments of students taking the same class in the face-to-face setting.  When online JLA classes are taught by JHS teachers, students will be expected to attend regular virtual class meetings at designated times during the school day. Failure to attend these virtual class meetings during the day without a valid medical excuse could negatively impact a students grade and ability to reassess summative assessments Additionally, these students will be expected to complete assignments and assessments by the designated due dates.   


    While every effort will be made to use JHS teachers to instruct our online classes, there will be many online classes for JLA students that will not be staffed with JHS teachers. In these cases, students will be enrolled in PEAK (online curriculum provider) courses and assigned a non-JHS teacher through PEAK that will monitor the student’s progress and provide supportsThese classes will be self-paced and will require students to be self-motivated and responsible for the completion of all coursework in a timely manner.  


    It is very important for parents and students to know that the rigor and expectations for the Johnnie Learning Academy will be much higher than they were during our remote learning at the end of the 2019-20 school year.   


    Now that comittments have been made, students will receive further information and schedules by mail. Teachers returned on Auguest 17 and have been working diligently to prepare their JLA courses. Once you receive the information and schedule, feel free to reach out to our guidance department or building principal for more information.   



    Johnstown Middle School - Johnnie Learning Academy - Remote Learning

    100% Johnnie Learning Academy will be taught and supported by Johnstown Middle School teachers. This online instruction and support will occur during scheduled blocks of time within the regular school day. JLA students will have daily opportunities for teacher interaction. All core content classes and a limited number of electives will be available through the JMS Johnnie Learning Academy 

    The following are descriptors of the JMS Johnnie Learning Academy: 

    • JLA students will be required to take five courses and strongly encouraged to take six (specifically those who want to maintain eligibility for athletics). 
    • JLA students may choose to take some courses through JLA and some in person. Transportation must be provided. 
    • JLA teachers will provide scheduled instructional time during the regular school day. 
    • JLA students will have opportunities for questions, discussion, remediation, and enrichment outside of scheduled instructional times 
    • JLA students requiring specialized services will continue to receive support from certified specialists. 
    • JLA students who qualify for gifted services in ELA and math will receive appropriate instruction from qualified teachers.  
    • JLA students who are eligible can participate in district athletics, extra-curricular activities, and after-school functions if provided. 
    • JLA instruction, assignments, and assessments will parallel what is happening in the in-person classrooms. Because online instruction and in-person instruction are two separate delivery models, some differences will exist.  
    • JLA students will be expected to attend scheduled instruction at designated times during the school day. Failure to attend these scheduled instructional times without a valid medical excuse could negatively impact a student’s grade and ability to reassess summative assessments.   

    It is very important for parents and students to know that the rigor and expectations for the Johnnie Learning Academy will be much higher than they were during our remote learning at the end of the 2019-20 school year.   



    Johnstown Elementary School - Johnnie Learning Academy - Remote Learning

    The rigor and expectations for the Johnnie Learning Academy will be much higher than they were during our remote learning at the end of the 2019-20 school year.  Class placements are being made.

    • Johnstown teachers will provide instruction for students in the Johnnie Learning Academy. 
    • Scheduled interactions will take place during the school day. 
    • Instruction will be provided by a classroom teacher (grades K-3) or subject teachers (grades 4-5). 
    • Attendance at scheduled instruction times will be required. 
    • All assigned work will be graded and have completion dates. 
    • Students will have one required special class per week.  Specials will include Music, Innovation and Physical Education in six-week rotations, and will receive a participation grade. 



    For more information about your school's JLA, please contact your building principal.