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    What is the difference between JLA remote and JLA full-time?

    Our Johnnie Learning Academy includes both the student who have temporarily opted out due to Covid-19 concerns as well as the students who choose to complete their classes through our online program regardless of circumstances.

    Remote learners are still taking classes that parallel our face-to-face sections and are designed, taught, paced, and graded by our teachers here at Johnstown (some electives at the high school level may not be). 

    Full-time students take their courses through Peak, a highly accredited program for online learning. These classes may or may not be graded and given feedback by Johnstown teachers. 


    What does the JLA Remote look like? 

    For more information about our temporary remote learning option, click here.


    Since my student is now a JLA Remote learner, can she go ahead and get started? I want her to start early.

    All classes begin August 31. You will receive your student's schedule by mail before the start of school as well as information about how to access their courses. Once you receive this information, feel free to contact your building principal with questions about the program or your school's guidance department about the courses in which they've been enrolled. 


    Is it too late to opt-out of face-to-face learning? I've changed my mind.

    In order to build teacher and student schedules, commitments for your student's fall 2020 learning option were due Sunday, August 9. Please contact your building principal. 


    My student is returning face-to-face, but has been scheduled an "online" period. What does that mean?

    Your student may be enrolled in a course taken online while they are in the building. Middle school and high school students take Health online, so this is likely the class they are taking. It should be listed on your student's schedule. The "Online" period refers to a dedicated period in their day to work on this course with access to help from our lead online learning teacher. Contact your guidance department for clarity on which class your student may be taking online.