• C-TEC Google Accounts:

    Students will be using Google Classroom, along with Schoology, in this class.  Every student will have a C-TEC login for Google.  Do not confuse this with the Google login that students will be assigned from Johnstown.


           The log-in for your c-tec account is the following:

           last name.first name(actual name)@student.c-tec.edu


    You have a password that will be given to you.  Enter the password you were given and do not change it.  If you do not remember your password, email me and I will get that information to you.

    When you have gotten to your page, check your email to make sure you have accepted your invitation to join the Google Classroom.

    Most of your assignments will be posted in schoology.  The nice thing is, that for this class you can have all of your documents in your C-TEC classroom to edit and work with.

    Anyone having problems, do not hesitate to email me at cdunn@jmk12.org for assistance.