2022-2023 Scheduling - Click image below to review the scheduling PowerPoint.

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Instructions for Selecting Courses Electronically

  • Instructions for Selecting Courses Electronically

    Please read the letter before you start scheduling.  Please select between 4-8 courses. When you are completing this process, you want the total credits to say at least 7 if you are in grades 9-11 (next year grade). If you are a senior you want your total credit amount to say 5 or more.

    Step 1: Go to https://si-public.laca.org/

    Step Two: Enter username and password provided above.

    Step Three: Core classes are listed. Review these courses. If you want to make changes to these, please list them on the schedule change form.  

    Step Four: Select the “Specify Course Code” circle

    Step Five: Enter the course codes into the box. You will separate codes with a comma. Course codes are listed on the Electives and CCP Scheduling form included in this mailing. You can also find a list of the course codes on the guidance website under scheduling. For example the course code for Child Development is 7502. Course descriptions are also located on the guidance website. https://www.johnstown.k12.oh.us/domain/330

    Step Six: After you enter your course codes, click on the search button

    Step Seven: If the courses that populate under the box look correct, click on request Selected Courses. If you need to remove or add any of the courses you entered, go back to step five.

    Step Eight: Look over your courses. If everything looks good, click on review requests.

    Step Nine: Review the Status of the requests that say student pending. At this step be sure you have at least 7 credits if you are in grades 9-11 (next year grade). If you are a senior, you must have 5 or more credits.

2022-2023 Scheduling Letter - Click to englarge.

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Program of Studies - Guidance Overview - Course Descriptions. Click to view.

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Electives for the 2022-2023 school year. Click the link below to open the document.

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