• Class Assignments

    Use these resources to help you find project ideas and evaluate the credibility of sources for your Agriscience fair project.


  • Project Regulations & Ideas

    FFA emblem

    FFA has identified the requirements for your Agriscience fair project. Reference this handbook for details regarding the requirements. 



    The United States Department of Agriculture has some ideas for science fair projects. Check out their suggestions and see if any of the projects interest you or can be modified.


    Science Buddies

    This website can help direct you to topics of interest or give your brainstorming a head-start. Make sure that you are choosing projects at the high school level as all grades are represented on this page.


    FL D of Ag

    The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has a variety of agricultural project ideas to help you get started.


  • Resource Credibility

    Credible source

    Click this link for the presentation that we discussed in class.


    Tree octopus

    Click this link to read the 1st website you should evaluate for credibility - Pacific NW Tree Octopus.


    Northern Spotted Owl

    Click this link to read the 2nd website you should evaluate for credibility - the Northern Spotted Owl.


    Credible Source Form

    Complete this form to test your knowledge on credible sources using the two websites above (Octopus & Owl). (Printable copy here.)