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Mr. Joshua Paul Bergstrom

High School Art

May 15-May 22

All assignments are due today. Next week, you will receive an email to your school account showing your final grade and letting you know if there are any assignments that didn't make their way to me. It will also let you when you need to get these assignments to be by. In short, it will be time used to tie up any loose ends before final grades are due. Please contact me with any questions.


All Assignments Due


Artist Report, Origami Unit, Mask, and Heritage Craft



Artist Report, Tea Set Design, Design Challenge 1, Design Challenge 2, and Design Challenge 3



Artist Report, Response Painting, Homemade Paint Painting About Home



Artist Report, Response Painting, and Recycled Sculpture



Artist Report, Response Sculpture, and Recycled Sculpture


Illustration and Design

Artist Report, Character Portrait, Final Character Design, and Map of Grimhearth



May 8-May 15

The end of school schedule came out this week and it has changed things for us a bit. The last day to turn in your work has moved from May 22 to May 15. Everything needs to be turned in by the May 15 which is next Friday. I understand that his takes a week off your work time that is why you will not be required to turn in/show evidence of preliminary work. This excludes crafts. I do need you to answer the project questions in OneNote. They are the basis of the whole project. Please summit whatever you have done on your final project by May 15 whether your project is completed or not.  If you have any concerns or question about this please let me know. Remember OneNote is for preliminary work and OneDrive is for final projects. If you have any issues with either of these programs just email me the work.



Due May 15

Artist Report, Origami Unit, Mask, and Heritage Craft



Due May 15

Artist Report, Tea Set Design, Design Challenge 1, Design Challenge 2, and Design Challenge 3



Due May 15

Artist Report, Response Painting, Homemade Paint Painting About Home



Due May 15

Artist Report, Response Painting, and Recycled Sculpture



Due May 15

Artist Report, Response Sculpture, and Recycled Sculpture


Illustration and Design

Due May 15

Artist Report, Character Portrait, Final Character Design, and Map of Grimhearth (New Project)



May 1- May 8

*If this is your first time checking this page, please read over the April 24- May 1, April 17-24, April 10-17, March 27-April 3 and March 20-26 section before reading the update.

This week Crafts joins Painting, Art, Ceramics, and Sculpture in the last project of the year. If you are in Crafts, please click on the class link and read over the project carefully. Office hours are every Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00-3:00. This is optional but a good why to get your questions answered "face to face". You access the video chat by logging onto your Office 365 account and opening the Teams app. You should have received an invite email a coupe of weeks ago. If you have having trouble logging on to the video chat, please let me know. Please continue to email me with any questions you have or difficulties you are facing. The finish line is in site. Time to give it you final push!




Your mask photos are due today so please make sure you get those posted. The ones I have seen so far look great! The only problem is your faces are covered and I am having trouble recognizing one or two of you. If you could please put your name under your photo, it would help out a lot. You guys are starting the final project of the year due May 22. It is all about learning from others and how crafts are passed down through generations. I am really excited about this one. Read over the details in the class link.


Your first design challenge is due today. I can't wait to see what you have come up with. Remember, you have one due every Friday until May 22.


You should be wrapping up the preliminary work for your homemade paint painting about home project. The coming week should be spent working on a final drawing.

Art and Sculpture

You guys are working on the same thing. You should be finishing up the brainstorming and research phases and moving onto you final drawing and gathering supplies.

Illustration and Design

I should be getting a email update on how things are going from you soon. Please check in. The final character drawings are due May 8. I've seen some preliminary stuff from some of you and I couldn't be more excited about how things are going. Keep up the good work!




April 24-May 1 Old News


Tons of work is coming in and I have heard from most of you. I am extremely impressed with your work ethic, communication skills, and your flexibility. Thank you for all you have done. This week will mark the final project of the school year for Art, Painting, and Sculpture classes. Yeah, we are that close. Remember, preliminary work will be turned in on OneNote. All finalized projects are turn in on OneDrive. If you try these programs and they just don't work, email what you got to me. Do not make turn in the work the most difficult step. Any issues you have, please let me know so we can figure out the best way to overcome them together. If you are falling behind, need more time, or are feeling overwhelmed, please let me know so we can make a plan together. I guess I am realizing as I am writing this that the key word this week is together. Please do not feel like you are alone. Let me know what you need and we will get through it together.

Overview of What's Going On

Crafts- Mask Project due May 1st. Post your photo on OneNote in the collaboration space. If you see mine at the top, you are in the right place.

Ceramics- Design Challenges start this week. Check your class page.

Painting- Response paintings are due today. Your new and final project is posted. Check it out on the class page.

Art- Response paintings are due today. Your new and final project is posted. Check it out on the class page.

Sculpture- Response sculptures are due today. Your new and final project is posted. Check it out on the class page.

Illustration and Design- I should be getting some preliminary work from you soon. I got a few already and they are great! I am very excited about what I am seeing. Keep working and keep me in to loop.



April 17-24 Old News

I hope everyone is well and not feeling too overwhelmed. You guys have been doing a great job asking questions and getting you work to me. I cannot express how impressed I am with everyone's artist reports. Just ready good work all around. This week I have a few major updates. First, I will be hosting (attempting to host) "Office Hours" twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00 through MS Teams starting next week. This is on your Office 365 account and completely optional. The goal of this is to provide a platform for you to ask questions live and "in person". Pop in any time during those hours and I will be there. Come and go as you wish. Once again, this is completely optional. You can still send me an email Monday-Friday between 6 am and 2:30 and I will respond immediately. 2:30-5:00, it might take me a bit. 5:00-?, you might have to wait until the next day. The weekend, I am a spending time with my family and will get back to you on Monday. I will be sending out more information on how to log onto the MS Team meeting soon.

Second, Crafts and Illustration and Design have new projects. If you are in either one of those classes, please click the class in the left column and read over the instructions carefully. Everyone else, you have projects due at the end of next week. If you have not started on those, please read over the detailed instructions on your course specific page in the left column and let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe and look out for each other. Keep working hard as you have been so far and let me know what I can do for you to help you get through this. Go Johnnies!


Due Dates


Artist Report Due April 3

Illustration and Design

Character portrait due April 17

Final Charactor Design Preliminary Work Apr. 24

Final Charactor Design Update Email May 1

Final Charactor Design Project May 8

Final Charactor Design Artist Statement May 10


Origami Unit April 17

Mask Project May 1


Coronavirus Reposnce Project April 24


Coronavirus Reposnce Project April 24


Coronavirus Reposnce Project April 24


Tea Set Design April 24

April 10-17 Old News

We have reached the point where all the classes are heading in different directions. This page will give general information but you will have to open the individual class links to the left to find the out about the assignments you will need to complete and how to submit those assignments. Please read over all the information carefully and email me any questions you have. There are no bad questions. I am more than happy to help in any way I can. Here is the briefest of overviews but please read the information in the class links and check the site every Friday for updates.

Illustration and Design- Finish your character portrait. Due April 17

Crafts- Origami Unit. Due April 17

Ceramics- Tea Set Design. Due April 24

Sculpture, Art, Painting- Coronavirus Reaction Project. Due April 24



April 3-10 Update

Spring Break! Stay safe. Have fun. Take the week off. I will be being doing the same.


March 27-April 3 Old News

By now, you should have selected your artist, and completed your research. This week will be spent putting the information together in a presentable form. In the previous section there are 4 different example formats to get you going. Remember, you are to submit your work through OneDrive. Please log into your office 365 account, open Onedrive, upload your report and share it with me. Artist Reports are due April 3, 2020. I have 33 reports already submitted.


Helpful How To's

How To Log onto Office 365

How to Upload a File to OneDrive

How to Share a File On OneDrive


March 20-26 Old News

All classes are to complete the Artist Report. Below is a list of selected artist. If your name does not appear on the list, you have not selected an artist or someone selected your artist before you. Email me at with the name of an artist that is not already claimed that you would like to research and I will put you on the list. The rubric, section by section breakdown, and examples of last semester artist reports are located below. Artist reports should be completed, uploaded to OneDrive, and shared with me before April 3, 2020.  All other coarse specific assignments will be provided on the course pages to the left but as of right now we plan to have school back in session after spring break so we are just focusing on the Artist Report. Additional course work such as the origami unit, the character portrait project, reaction paintings, and reaction sculpture will be added if the extend break continues.  If you have any questions, please contact me through my email and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Artist Report Rubric

Artist Report Rubric-This acts as a guide. There are 5 sections and various questions that fall within each category. Answer the questions in your report.


Section by Section Breakdown

Section by Section Breakdown This file breaks down exactly what each part of the rubric is saying and what you should include in your report in depth.

Artist Report Examples

Example 1- This is a PowerPoint from last semester that covers all the information need in the report.

Example 2- This is a Word document that is in a kind of outline format.

Example 3- This one is your straight forward essay format.

Example 4-This is a video.


All four of these examples covered the questions and scored well. This report is about finding, knowing, and presenting the information. The means of which you do this is up to you. Remember, you do need to submit your citations so please keep track of where you got your information as you work. It'll be much easier than trying to figure it out afterwards.


Artist Sign-up List

Elena Mankins

Claude Monet


Brook Thompson

Frida Kalo


Elliot Layman

Leonardo DiVinci


Autumn Atkinson

Stan Lee


Keelan Richardson

Bob Ross



Van Gogh


Abby Ruffle

Joey Shuster


Vivian Havens

Savannh Jennings


Izze Molton

Edorard Manet


Joshua Potter



Liam Kelly

Pablo Pacaso


Tatum Annis

Andy Warhol


Dakota Staffan

Hendri Matisse


Chase Boroff



Nicole Gonzales

Richard Ester


Sarah Walker

Jacob Lawrence


Tyler Harriman




Marc Chagall


Lillian Robison

Mary Cassant


Claire Hendren

Mark Rothko


Lexi Pickett

Otto Dix


Trever Mahaffey

Bill Waterson


Julia Montie



Amber Tabor

Jeff Koons


Daniella Graham

Sandro Botticelli


Chloe LaFollette

Axel Amuehastegui


Haley Bunner

Keith Haring


Gracen McClish

Charler Shaltz


Hayla Howard

Salvador Dali


Hailey Hill

Jackson Pollock


Lawson Sidner

Grant Wood


Lillana Townson

Diego Rivera


Seth Flores



London Babbs

Dr. Suess


Hayden Garland

MC Escher


Graham Grinstead

Windslow Homer


Ethan Charles

Norman Rockwell


Madison Toohey

Auguste Robin


Makenna Rivard

Ahsel Adam


Vic Alvarez

Mark Limbardi


Kenzi Freeman

Eugene Freeman


Gabe Palmer

John Sebraw


Jenna Ashbrook

Leonoid Afremov


Hope Campbell

Bryan Campbell


Ethan Atkins

Walt Disney


Rachael Wirth

David Hockrley


Ben Roudebugh

Edward Allenbough


Abby Gibson

Viktor Askew



Wassily Kandinsky


Lydia Gibson

Katsushika Hokusai


ALexis Sager

Louise Bourgeois


Alexander Billow

Georgia O'Keeffe


Makayla Newhall

Kathe Kollwitz


Myles Kelly

Edvard Munch


Johanna Aros

Juan Gris


Grace Slader



Noah Risdon

Marcel Duchamp


Katelyn Sofsky

Bridget Riley


Daniel Hinkle

Osamu Tezuka


Emily Arcos

Johannes Vermeer


Rylee Sparks

Richard Prince


Lily Mast

Kay Sage


Katelyn Kazee

Lynda Benglis


Camryn Robbins

Edge Degas


Michaela Perfors

Paul Cezanne


Nevaeh Lash

Shepard Fairey


Chris Gomez

Andre Derain


Madalyn Evans

H. R. Giger


Kendyl Wade

Robert Adam


Brandon McMonnell

Thierry Guetta


Mallry Priest

Albrecht Durer


Grace Robertson

Michael Oelman


Lauren Ellis

Frederic Auste Bartholdi


Alexander Beck

Norman Adams