Mr. Ryan Schneider

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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. from Bowling Green State University M.A. from Ohio State University

Mr. Ryan Schneider

Sixth Grade Math

Seventh Grade Math

  • Hello all students, parents, and guardians of Mr. Schneider's math classes,

    I hope this message finds you all well and safe. These are most certainly strange times, times that are going to require a great deal of flexibility. I plan to utilize the students' i-Ready accounts, Khan Academy, students' i-Ready books, and worksheets that I download in PDF form. Please note, that when it comes to students' i-Ready accounts, the lessons assigned MAY be erased once the given due date has expired as we can only load so many lessons at a time. Thus, hitting the deadlines will be very important if I am to record a score or completion grade for your student.

    I am aiming to give a summative once all of the lessons from the i-Ready program have been completed for a given piece of content. THE DURATION OF THE ASSIGNMENT MAY VARY DEPENDING ON READY LESSONS ASSIGNED. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR WHETHER IT IS A 1 WEEK OR A 2 WEEK ASSIGNMENT.

    If the number of i-Ready lessons is minimal (2), I will most likely put a 1 week deadline on the assignment. If there are 3 to 5 lessons, there will be a 2 week deadline. I am putting the bigger grouping of lessons in two week blocks for 2 reasons. First, I hope that will create more flexibility for you at home. Second, I hope it gives your student an opportunity to do them all within a more condensed amount of time so there is less of a chance the material will be forgotten.  Please pay attention to the dates for each given assignment as a result. I expect to post the summatives on my website through Microsoft Forms. I also plan to post 2 of them each time. The second will serve as the reassessment and the expectation will be that you show that you have practiced between the original and the reassessment, so please give yourself time to do so. Remember, your i-Ready lessons will probably be erased after each assigned block of time. Thus, Sunday afternoon may be the last time you can access practice for a summative or reassessment. Plan accordingly.

    When it comes to reassessment, unless I can find a way to have the score display once your student has completed it, you will have to wait until I enter it into Progress Book. I will be checking multiple times throughout the day, every day, for completion of summatives and post them ASAP. Please check regularly once you know your student has taken the original summative so you can both determine whethere a reassessment is wanted or needed. 

    I will be using Khan to supplement the i-Ready lessons as well (outside of my 6th Block class - they already have their hands full with Khan). Please be on the lookout for an email from me noting that I have set up a Khan class. I will make usernames and passwords as standard as possible so I don't have to email you individually. This way I will be able to track your usage see whether you have practiced for a given reassessment. This will typically serve as optional work. 

    For those that do not have internet access or a device to utilize for the online portion, I am going to tie i-Ready pages to what we are doing through the online sessions so you can get a similar level of practice. Luckily, with the version of books we have now, there are good examples and explanations throughout each lesson. Please utilize these throughout this time, whether you have internet access or not. Parents, if you do not have access to the online i-Ready lessons, please send me an email confirming that your student has completed the required pages to practice for the summative. I will simply have to trust you on this as there isn't really any other way to confirm the at-home work being done.

    I have a feeling we are going to live out "patience is a virtue" in these upcoming weeks on a variety of fronts. This experience certainly being one. I know my directions, provisions, and process will not alsway be perfect as this will be a work-in-progress. I hope we can all be understanding throughout this time away and always communicate respectfully when there are any needs or questions going forward. I will be checking my email regularly each day and will do my best to have a response within 24 hours at a minimum on weekdays. 

    Be safe everyone and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns you feel I can address. Say hi to your student for me please. I can only hope I get to work with them again sooner than later.


    Mr. Schneider