Mr. Tim Franks



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Tim Franks

Fourth Grade Math Teacher


Good morning/afternoon folks. 

I hope you and your family are safe and well during these changing times.  In the future, you will look back on the events of 2020 and be able to tell your children and grandchildren about that time in fourth grade when everyone did school at home. 

This is new to all of us.  We're going to do the best we can to provide lessons and activities that will continue the progress we've made so far.  Each Friday, you will find a link to assignments for the coming week on the left side of this page.  When you click the link, you will see the assignments as well as links to your other teachers.  Your assignments for your other teachers will be on their web pages.  You should complete each assignment by Friday so you are ready for the next week's assignments.

Please, consider the "Tips For Success" and schedule below as you organize and begin working at home.    

If you have questions, please email them to me.  I will answer them as soon as possible.    

  • Tips for Success

    • Clean out your binder!
    • Moving forward, prior assignments, other than in-progress packets and calendars, will not be needed and can be removed.
    • Establish a space for learning that is similar to a school environment-away from televisions or other noise distractions.
    • Keep a container of supplies available: pencils, erasers, writing paper, scissors, glue, crayons/colored pencils
    • Use folders to organize subject assignments.


    Suggested Learning Schedule


    Reading and Language  -  40-50 minutes each day 

    Math  -  20-30 minutes each day

    Science and Social Studies  -  20-30 minutes each day

    Other Activities  -  20-30 minutes each day (if possible)


    We realize computer time and adult help time will be different for each student.  As we adjust instruction from the school setting to the home setting, remember this is new to all of us. 

    Do what you can.  Do your best.  Don't stress.  (Don't stress out mom or dad or grandma or grandpa.)