Standard day

    Start time: 7:25am

    Dismissal time: 2:25pm


    Days with 2-hour delay 

    Start time: 9:25am 

    Dismissal time: 2:25pm

  • Reporting an Absence 

    If a student will be absent, the parents must notify the school office (740-967-8766) and provide an explanation prior to the start of the school day. The parents must provide a written excuse as soon as possible after the student's absence. Senate Bill 321, “The Missing Child Act,” requires schools to verify a child’s absence and report any problems to the proper authorities.

  • Early Dismissal 

    If a student needs to be dismissed from school before the end of the school day, s/he must have a written request from his/her parent/guardian stating the reason for the early dismissal. Time missed from class will be counted against hours of attendance.



    Volunteer In Our School 

    Individuals interested in volunteering in our school should contact the building principal, Kris Almendinger, at                                kalmendinger@jmk12.org.