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    High School JOLT



     The following accommodations to the JOLT expectations have been made in order to reduce the stresses on our students.  

    Changes to Expectations:

    ⓵ All students will have the option to take their Semester Final/Semester Test (if their course has a final test). These tests will not count against students who choose not to take them, but those wishing to improve their grade by taking the assessment will still have the option so long as all Mastery Work, including the semester final if you choose to take it, by May 15. 

     In order to take the semester test, you can email Ms. Hatfield (mhatfield@jmk12.org) to set it up.

    ⓶ Only MASTERY WORK IS DUE. If you’d like to be eligible for reassessment though, all formative work for the unit, besides discussions, must have been completed BEFORE your first attempt on the Mastery Work assessment. There are no exceptions. 

     *Credit recovery courses still require you to go in order and complete the entire assigned course.

    May 15:

    This is still the absolute final day to submit any work to your JOLT courses. 


    School Closure Extension:

    Again, the extension of school closures until the end of April will affect the expectations of JOLT courses in the following ways:

    • Semester Exams are optional. 
    • Only Mastery Work is due, but in order to be eligible for a reassessment, the entire unit (besides discussions) must have been completed before the Master Work. 
    • May 15 is the only completion deadline. May 15 is the last day to submit any work.
    • Third quarter grades will be updated based on what you have completed even after the due date. These grades will be releases after April 17. Anything you'd like to appear on this gradecard should be submitted by April 14. 

    Some reminders and frequently asked questions:

    • Discussions are still optional. 
    • In order to Reassess, read the directions under Resources in your course or visit the JOLT website. 
    • Students are not expected to work over the regularly scheduled spring break, but may do so if they wish. 
    • We are making contacts through email. If you have not updated your email contact, provide this information to Ms. Hatfield by April 4. mhatfield@jmk12.org
    • To view Mastery Work, navigate at the top of this page to GRADES, scroll to last category of grades at bottom of page titled MASTERY WORK or view them in your Progressbook.


    If you have questions about this announcement please contact Ms. Hatfield at mhatfield@jmk12.org. 


    Grades are be available through Progressbook



    ↬Want to learn more? Contact MHatfield@jmk2.org (High School) or JRings@jmk12.org (Elementary and Middle School)