Summer School 2020

     For specific updates on JMS/JES JOLT, contact Jeff Rings.


    JOLT Lead Teacher JHS

    Ms. Hatfield Office Hours:

    Tuesday 10am-11am

    Thursday 1pm-2pm

    contact through email to request video conference or phone call 

     If you are enrolled for a summer course, you will receive information regarding summer school and where to start by June 12.

    JHS students and parents, be sure the parent email on file is up to date. If not, contact mhatfield@jmk12.org. 

    For JHS summer school enrollment information, contact Deb Merrill, JHS Guidance Department. 




    Summer School start date: June 15

    Summer School final deadline: August 13

    Some students may have earlier deadlines if their courses were extensions from spring semester.


    School Closure Extensions:

    Students granted extensions due to school closures may have earlier deadlines than August 13. 

    Semester Exams are optional for these students only.

    Some reminders and frequently asked questions:

    • Discussions are still optional. 
    • In order to Reassess, read the directions under Resources in your course or visit the JOLT website. 
    • We are making contacts through email. If you have not updated your email contact, provide this information to Ms. Hatfield. mhatfield@jmk12.org
    • To view Mastery Work, navigate at the top of this page to GRADES, scroll to last category of grades at bottom of page titled MASTERY WORK or view them in your Progressbook.