• Student Registration and Enrollment Information

    To register your child for this school year, please follow the steps below.
    Step 1: Gather required documentation (see checklist below).
    Step 2: Complete online pre-registration form by clicking here.
    Step 3: Once you have submitted your online preregistration form, you will receive a confirmation email with information on next steps.
    Step 4: If you are not able to upload the required documentation, please contact Debbie Lowe, District Secretary, at 740-967-6846, dlowe@jmk12.org.
    Step 5: If additional assistance is needed, please contact Debbie Lowe, District Secretary, at 740-967-6846, dlowe@jmk12.org.
    Click here for a detailed step sheet on enrollment procedures.

    Required Registration Document Checklist

    1. Proof of age - one (1) of the following documents:

    • Original birth record (with official raised seal)
    • Valid passport

    2. Official immunization record from physician's office

    3. Proof of residency from the list below: 

    • Deed indicating ownership of property within the school district
    • Mortgage statement with parent/guardian's name and address of property
    • Property tax bill
    • Lease or notarized Landlord Affidavit that includes the property address. The lease shall be current and must indicate the term of the lease, the address of the lease property, the name of the property owner, the name of the lessee, and a listing of tenants.
    • Valid drivers license and voter registration card
    • Current major utility bill showing the service address matching the enrollment address

    4. Custody paperwork - if student does not live with both birth parents.

    • Official filed court documents showing custody and residential parent (complete document).


    5. IEP/504 Plan information - if applicable 
    6. Parent photo identification