• About the Jolt Program

    Our History

    Our online endeavor began with one thing in mind – serving students and parents in exceptional and creative ways. In 2004, Johnstown-Monroe responded to several students’ needs and devised a plan to help them recover missed credits so that they could graduate on time. As time went on, we expanded this foundational program to include remediation for students to pass the Ohio Graduation Test. Building on the success of these initial programs, Johnstown-Monroe began offering elective online classes in Health, Chinese, German, Latin, and French.

    Watching students grow and succeed with us was exhilarating! Over cups of coffee and spontaneous gatherings, we began actively brainstorming ways to bring the best of online schooling to a greater number of students. We dove in, spending countless hours researching programs, and came up with some pretty amazing ideas. We poured over journals and articles where we discovered successes and failures. We met with other online educators to pick their brains. And, we reached out to parents and students currently enrolled in online programs to gain the end user’s perspective. The information was overwhelming and fascinating, but we knew we could make this work.

    Armed with a solid base of information, we set out to create an exceptional and personalized online learning experience. Thus, the Johnstown Online Learning Tools (JOLT) program was born.

    JOLT provides over 200 classes from the award winningk12 logo curriculum, and we are excited to share this opportunity with you. Students in our district can:

    • apply to take classes online full-time at home with teacher touch points provided by the excellent faculty of the Johnstown School District.
    • apply to take some classes at home and some classes face-to-face (blended learning).
    • work in the JOLT Lab located in the high school.
    • participate in our exceptional and well respected programs, like the BIG RED BAND, choir, musicals, sports.
    • be an important part of a community of engaged students and graduate with fellow classmates at Johnstown-Monroe High School.

    Want to learn more? Contact us!