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Special Note: No classes will be held on December 17th & 18th - Click here for details


Yet another challenge has arisen as we prepare for the second semester of this school year.  Our Progress Book and DASL software does not allow us to make necessary changes to set up the new classes and returning students for second semester prior to having first semester grades submitted and report cards run.  We had originally planned to have grades submitted and report cards run the week of January 4th; but, this software barrier is causing us to expedite the process.  Therefore, we are forced to have all grades submitted prior to our Christmas break this year so that we can work over break to have the second semester changes and set up complete before students and staff return January 4th.  In order to allow staff the time to complete grade submittals, and physically move some classrooms necessary to create additional sections for second semester, we are going to not have students in the buildings on December 17th and 18th.  Please prepare now for your children not to be in school these days.  I thank you for your support and understanding regarding this necessary change.