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Statement Regarding Current Litigation Against Village Regarding Tap/Capacity Fees

The District has always been committed to providing educational facilities that provide a productive and safe learning environment to our students and that make this community proud.  The improvement projects that the District has undertaken and continues to undertake could not be done without your support—the Johnstown community.  Unfortunately, not everyone has been as supportive as you.  For the most recent renovation and addition at Searfoss Elementary School, the Village of Johnstown enacted a new and much more expensive water tap fee and capacity charge that the Village imposed on the District.   It is the belief of the Johnstown-Monroe Local School District that entities supported by local tax dollars (i.e. Schools, Fire Departments, Libraries, etc.) should not have to pay such expensive tap/capacity fees. Many school districts pay no tap fee; but the District was willing to pay the Village over $94,000 so that it could bring Searfoss Elementary current with the standards of the Ohio Fire Code.  But, shortly after originally informing the District that it owed $94,000 for the tap fee, the Village passed new legislation that raised the amount that the District would owe to over $236,000—costing the District an extra $142,000.  After attempts to work this out with the Village failed, the District was forced to file a lawsuit against the Village.  That lawsuit is ongoing before the Licking County Court of Common Pleas and the District intends to vigorously pursue the case against the Village.


Johnstown-Monroe Local School District Board of Education, Plaintiff v. Village of Johnstown, OH Defendant - Amended Complaint


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