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Mr. Greg Gantt
Athletic Director
Phone: (Coming)
Email: [email protected]
Mrs. Mindy Jackson
Athletic Secretary
Mindy JacksonPhone: (740) 967-2721 ext. 2303
Email: [email protected]

Reserved Football Seats and Season Pass Information:
Reserved Football Seats and Season Passes will be available to purchase in the High School main office beginning Monday, August 5, from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. You can write a check (payable to Johnstown High School) or pay with cash.

The schedule to purchase reserved football seats is as follows:

  • August 5: Parents/Guardians of JHS Senior football players, JHS Senior band members, and JHS Senior cheerleaders
  • August 6: Parents/Guardians of JHS Junior football players, JHS Junior band members, and JHS Junior cheerleaders
  • August 7: Parents/Guardians of JHS Sophomore football players, JHS Soph band members, and JHS Soph cheerleaders
  • August 8: Parents/Guardians of JHS Freshman football players, JHS Freshman band members, and JHS Freshman cheer
  • August 9 and beyond: Open to the public

  • Family Pass - $250
  • Individual Pass - $100
  • Student Pass - $80
  • Golden Johnnie - $0
  • Football Reserved Seats - $50
You can also click the link below to buy your season passes. For a family season pass, you will need to email your list of names to Mindy at [email protected] and she will be able to give you a code.

In order to play any sport, you MUST have your:
  • Physical Form completed by a physician and parent & on file BEFORE season tryouts.  A paper copy of the form can be picked up in our athletic office or click on this link: 2024-25 Physical Form

  • All sections of Final Forms must be completed by both parents and athletes. Click here to go to Final Form website.  
  • All fees MUST be paid before your season begins.
Eligibility Checklist for high school students.
Student athletes it is YOUR responsibility to check your grades and to be eligible to participate in sports.  Eligibility is checked weekly.
Athletic Fees 
  • Payments of $145.00 MUST be made before our season of play starts.
  • Checks need to be made payable to Johnstown Athletic Department.
  • Payments MUST be made in the high school office or through eFunds
  • Accidents happen! When they happen to your child, someone must pay the bills.
  • Here are Accident only insurance plans to help cover your child either 24 hours a day (24-Hour Plan) or while in school (School-Time Plan).
  • These plans provide benefits to help meet the cost of medical and Hospital expense.
  • If you have other insurance, these plans can help offset the deductibles and coinsurance for those plans.
  • If you have no other insurance, these plans will provide basic coverage.